• Lani Harmony

About The Urban Charm

Our Story

The story begins in an apartment in Culver City, California. As a single mother of a wonderful young man, Lani Harmony had experienced her fair share of unfortunate events. When the real estate bubble burst she lost her job, her home, and her car. However, despite material loss, she was rich in spirit and full of passion for her craft; Jewelry design. By staying focused on her dreams she was able to open a small store in Palm Springs to showcase her ideas. Lani's education in art and business management proved more than useful as she became the recipient of the prestigious “Best of Palm Desert 2015 Award” in the Jewelry Design Category.

The appreciation of her ideas from the local community motivated her to turn her love for design and the arts into a mother-son business. This allowed her to combine the two most important things she is passionate about; firstly, her relationship with her son, Tyler Hauer and secondly, designing innovative jewelry. Together we are excited about creating and fulfilling orders and are grateful for the opportunities our business and passion have given us.

We are now based in Long Beach, in a quaint studio by the sea, creating unique jewelry that allows the wearer to mix and match a near-endless multitude of accessories to tell their own story. You can create wrap bracelets, stack parties up your arm, or wear them as short or long necklaces, belly chains, anklets; anything you can dream, we can craft.

The name The Urban Charm, for me, is how I live to the fullest every day. I love the city and I appreciate the charms of life. I hope that we can be a portal into helping you express your own distinctive flare and individuality.

Thank you,

Lani & Tyler