• Lani Harmony

Costume Jewelry vs. Fashion Jewelry Prototyping

The most common types of jewelry are costume and fashion jewelry. According to the internet, the definition of costume jewelry is something that is “made with inexpensive materials or imitation gems”. In layman’s terms this means jewelry created by parts already made. Parts you can find at your local craft or bead store, or recycled from other jewelry or findings. Fashion jewelry on the other hand is jewelry created from scratch and made with precious metals, raw stones and gems.

One of the largest differences between costume jewelry prototypes vs. fashion jewelry prototypes are the production times. Costume jewelry can be created in a matter of minutes. Fashion jewelry is a lengthy process and can take many months to be completed. Steps include planning, research & development, design sketching, computer renderings, models, molds and more. We recommend finding a local maker or factory to produce these types of prototypes.

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