• Lani Harmony

Charm School 101: Guitar Pick Earrings

Today's DIY is compliments of one of our customers. She came to us because she loved her turquoise earrings so much but lost one of them. Here's how we used her old earring for inspiration and designed new earrings from one of our current collections.

Step 1: We started off with our Lures of Love Collection Gold Guitar Pick Earrings.

Step 2: As you can see the earrings are made as a dangle style, so we have to solder on post backs to the backside of the earring.

Step 3: Mix up any paint color. We recommend using an acrylic paint.

Step 4: Paint your design and seal with a matte or Glossy finishing spray.

We hope this little Charm School 101 lesson was helpful. Check back for more inspiration and DIY projects with our lovely designs.

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