The Mantra Bracelets

Peace Mantra Bracelet

The peace mantra bracelet features unique brownish colored beads which are representative of the earth. These beads aid in healthy peace of mind, body and soul. Wear this mantra bracelet as a reminder to seek inner peace daily.

Protection Mantra Bracelet

The protection mantra bracelet features black agate stones with a single gold bead. The agate stone represents protection and can transform negative emotions and energy into strength.

Pearls of Wisdom Mantra Bracelet

Pearls are a symbol of wisdom gained through experiences. Pearls can attract wealth and generosity. Wear this mantra bracelet as a reminder to speak with conscious thought and wisdom.

Healing Mantra Bracelet

The healing mantra bracelet features turquoise stones and a single gold bead. Turquoise represents healing. Wear this mantra bracelet as a reminder to find a healthy balance in life.

Awareness Mantra Bracelet

The awareness bracelet features Lapiz Lazuli stones which are representative of a mind clearing stone. They can be worn to bring about inspiration. Their bold blue hues can be referred to as the third eye, or window into your soul. Wear this bracelet as a reminder to be mindful and aware of your daily choices.

Vitality Mantra Bracelet

The vitality mantra bracelet features simple grey beads and two gold beads that represent vitality and honor. Wear this mantra bracelet to feel liberated and proud of who you are.