Gina Grant and the Soul Candy Institute

It's amazing to me how many soulful people have shown up in my life in this time when I'm really dedicating my attention to my personal wellness. My new friend and soul sister, Gina Grant, is one of those people and I just want to share a little bit about what she's doing because she's completely touched my heart with her gifts, and I know she'll do the same for you.

I met Gina while planning the Food-Yoga-Music festival, when a friend connected us. I showed up with my son to talk shop about the festival, but so much more happened. We gabbed like school girls, and then she gave us a tea leaves reading that had us going deep and just opened my heart, and some tears, with all the love I was feeling. We loved it so much we told her to take it into people's homes, and that's exactly what she's now doing with her Me Time, Tea Time parties.

Her adorable Soul Pampering office is at Medusa Salon in HB where you can go have a tea leaves reading yourself, find out how to be your own BFF or be more comfortable with your high sensitivity and spiritual gifts, and more. And because of her own personal experience, she also does some special work with people who have lost a loved one.

And she's doing all this in her Mystic Woman groups, one in HB and one online, starting May 11th and May 18th. So if you'd love learn about your unique spiritual gifts, be a light in this restless world, and connect with other sensitive and soulful ladies, go do this with Gina. She's such a light.

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"You are not alone. You are supported by limitless, miraculous unseen forces. And there is so much more for you..."

- Gina Grant, Mystic, Author, and Soul Pampering Specialist