• Lani Harmony

My Favorite Pair of Earrings

Hi Everyone, I hope your week has been off to a great start. We have made it half way through the week and I wanted to say, “WAY TO GO”!! 🙌 As a jewelry designer; I am often asked; what is my favorite piece of jewelry To wear from my collections? Well that is a challenging question for me to answer because I love every one of my jewelry pieces I design. For the sake of playing along, I have decided to narrow it down to my current favorite pair of earrings.💕 I love the diamond domed lures of love earrings from my signature collection. They are shiny, silver, textured, light weight, stylish and versatile. How could I not love them.. I can wear them with literally any outfit. I can travel and only have to take one pair of earrings with me and that makes me happy. ♦️ I even wear them to yoga class. I stretch from side to side, bounce around, stand in my head, and even get sweaty in them and they don’t fade, tarnish, lose there luster or nothing..😍 According to bourncreative.com, Silver is considered to be a “precious metal that symbolizes riches and wealth. It is believed to be a mirror to the soul, helping us to see ourselves as others see us”.🙏 When I wear my silver diamond lures, my divine feminine energy shines brightly outwardly and I attract the beauty I see in myself in others around me. This is why I currently love my fantastically amazing Lures of Love earrings.👑 Thanks for letting me share my story. Thank you for your constant love and support.🙏 xoxo,

Lani Harmony 🧩

P.S If you would like to purchase a pair of my favorite earrings for yourself or as a gift please click the picture to do so and visit The Urban Charm for more details.

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