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As you take time to celebrate love why not adorn yourself with a little reminder to practice SELF LOVE. The Love Script Necklace is one of limited edition collection created by The Urban Charm in collaboration with an up and coming brand. This product is the perfect gift to give yourself and others as an unspoken way of saying I love you.

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Here at The Urban Charm we love to promote our friends and family. This week we are introducing Tiann Lee. Tiann Lee is an intuitive teacher, Reiki Master, and spiritual advisor. Her purpose is to help others transform from the inside out and she does this by helping people find healing within their being.

Reiki is the art of energy healing. Tiann is currently offering Level I, II, and III reiki training on a few dates in August and September.

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Lani Harmony creator and founder of The Urban Charm is also an independent wellness activist. She believes that there is true healing power in the use of essential oils and natural remedies. These fragrances together promote serenity and peace while helping to concentrate your mental energy. When using these blends you can take time to focus on what really matters in your life, most important being yourself.

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I hope you take today to give yourself the loving care you deserve!

Please take advantage of these offers and visit The Urban Charm for more details.

- XOXO Lani Harmony

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