Life is an Adventure


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Life is full of new adventures to experience. It is important that you embrace your fears and turn them into fuel for your journey in life. Wear or gift this necklace and use it as a reminder to be adventurous and live every day to its fullest.

Keeping with the spirit of adventure we are introducing a new brand called Romi Love designed by Romi Menegoni. Romi is a previous winner of The Urban Charm's yoga mat design challenge and is a positive, creative force. Her motto is "bring your own sunshine" which is a testament to her positive, zen lifestyle and is a reminder to us all that we create our own happiness and adventure.

Yoga is not only a great way to stay fit, it's a way of life. Visit Romi's website and purchase a yoga mat of your own then take your mat with you as you travel, step into your own light and shine bright.

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Essential oils are a great tool to help deal with everyday life. The Urban Charm founder, Lani Harmony truly believes in the healing power essential oils hold; some are uplifting, others help you deal with stress among other things. This week we have two fragrances chosen specifically to entice your adventurous side.

Rosemary is great for "creating openness to move with changes within blends" and it also has many health benefits.

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Eucalyptus "uplifts the spirits and increases physical energy, so you're ready and able to embrace new project, and it also has great health benefits.

Take today to be spontaneous and go on an adventure. Life is full of unique surprises. You never know whos path you will cross or what adventure awaits you outside your comfort zone.

Live on the edge, dream big, and shine your light. You'll be glad you did. Please take advantage of these offers and visit The Urban Charm for more details.

-XOXO Lani Harmony

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