Living with Wanderlust

Living with Wanderlust

Wanderlust: the intense desire to travel. What greater way to bring fulfillment into your life than to experience life beyond your front door. Travel near or far, spontaneously or planned and while you do, wear this necklace as a reminder of the explorer inside of you.

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The intense feelings of wanderlust may come to you for many reasons, one may be that you are searching for something within yourself through the outside world. Or maybe the desire to travel fuels your artistic abilities. Whatever the case, there is a way to channel and understand your intense feelings through a workshop called Channeling the Muse, a creativity workshop with Soul Candy Institute's, Gina Grant. This event was held this August. View Gina Grant's website for more information on related events and information.

Gina Grant has invested a lot of time as an entrepreneur and working on her creative genius through many platforms. She is now giving back to others to help them also reach their true creative potential through her Channeling the Muse event. Click to learn more.

As a believer in the benefits of essential oils here at The Urban Charm, we would like to present to you our picks of essential oils that will enhance and better channel your feelings of wanderlust.

Passion: A warm and inviting oil and herb blend. This oil will help to rekindle your own spark

of passion, excitement, and joy in your life.

Wild Orange: A singular oil scent. It's light, yet refreshing and citrusy scent helps you to feel energized.

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Continue to pursue your passions. Give into your feelings of desire and wanderlust. See what you've been missing; you never know what value those experiences are to you until you've had them.

Please take advantage of these offers and visit The Urban Charm for more details.

-XOXO Lani Harmony

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